Freebie Friday – Cartoon Theme Free Fonts!

Now, who doesn’t love a font named “Chicken Butt”?  These are some pretty awesome fonts…and they are free!   1. Chicken Butt 2. Sponge 3. Kraash 4. Gretoon 5. Sketch Wall

Freebie Friday – Helvetica Poster

Who doesn’t love a good abstract typography poster?  The guys from the Print Handbook are giving away this free poster that you can print right from your home computer…on any color paper you want.  All you have to do is “pay with a tweet” – no problem!  Click HERE to download your free poster and … Continue reading

Freebie Friday – Fonts!

Happy Freebie Friday!  I hope you have had a wonderful week.  Can you believe it is June already?!?!  How about some fabulous free fonts for today… I think in my next life, I want to come back as a person that gets to name fonts.  That seems like it would be a fun job! 1. … Continue reading

Typographic Sins

What a great list of design no-no’s by graphic design teacher, Jim Godfrey.  Are you guilty of any of these? I broke up the poster for easier reading on this blog, but you can see the full poster and even buy a copy HERE. Here is a little background on the poster. (By Jim Godfrey) Before … Continue reading