Stonehaven Community

My neighborhood wanted a facelift.  They had an awesome new logo designed and then I jumped on board to help them out with a custom Facebook and Twitter page.  I am working on a new website for them now…stay tuned!

(Click image above to go check out the Facebook page)

(Click image above to go check out the Twitter page)

This past weekend, they had their annual Rollin’ Stonehaven 5k/Fun Run (see photos I took at that event here).  It was a perfect time to announce the new branding for the neighborhood and get people on social media.  I created this poster for them to display complete with QR codes where people could use their smart phones to jump on the Facebook and Twitter page easily…

And look!  The Creative Stack made it on the t-shirts as a sponsor…

It’s great to see the community coming together for projects like this.  Also, check out the Merry Oaks Neighborhood website I recently finished up!

One Response to “Stonehaven Community”
  1. Barbara Birge says:

    Heather, you’ve done such an incredible job for Stonehaven – we had no idea you’d get us up and running on Facebook and Twitter so quickly. You’ve thought through everything and it all looks fantastic. Best of all, you’re a true team player! You’ve really helped generate excitement in the neighborhood, and I can’t wait ’til we have the new website. Thanks so much!

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