LaPaz Mexican Restaurant & Cantina Events

I have been helping market some events lately for LaPaz Mexican Restaurant and Cantina by designing some flyers for them.  These events sounded like so much fun, I had to check them out too!

Of course I brought some of my gal pals along for this one!  They are planning on running this event once a month, so keep up with the LaPaz Facebook page!

It was a beautiful day outside yesterday for this event.  Lots of pups came out with their owners for this patio party.  They are going to start offering Yappy Hour every Sunday and once a month throw a Yappy Hour party!  Keep up with the LaPaz Facebook page for more details!


This event runs every Monday evening.  Great beer specials, and who doesn’t love funny mustache photos?  CHEERS!


2 Responses to “LaPaz Mexican Restaurant & Cantina Events”
  1. catching up on your blog this morning heather! seeing these pictures makes me laugh remembering all the ones you used to make of us in our sombreros. miss you! xx

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