Sneak Peek – Project in the Works

I have joined creative forces with some amazingly talented women to start a very cool project which will launch next month. Hop on over to Stephanie Egan Photography’s blog today to catch a sneak peek of what we are up to – and if you entered THIS contest, check to see if you are a winner!

While you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the big reveal, check out these amazing ladies and their fabulous work…

JENN – The Fortunate Plight

I have been friends with Jenn for a few years now, and she is one hilarious lady with an incredible sense of style.  I promise you will not be bored following along with her life adventures and inspirations she posts about on her blog.

Jenn, wife to Bradley and mother to Dyce Danger. “I have a full-time job that I love and it allows me to meet people from all over the world! My husband is a talented musician and our little guy spends his days at a fantastic daycare across the street from my office. I am heath conscious, so I don’t eat animals (or anything derived from them). Anyone with a sense of humor is welcome in our world. We love music, art, theme parties, and champagne….there is a lot to celebrate in this life of ours!”

Check out her blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest.

MANDI – Dry Ink Designs

Mandi is a graphic designer like me.  She has an eye for design and super marketing ideas.  She is a great friend and one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet.  She does beautiful calligraphy too!

“What once started as a weekend freelance operation has now grown into a trusted local resource for on-the-mark marketing/communications solutions. More than just a creative thinker, Owner Mandi Heilig is a connector, using her multi-faceted connections in business development to establish a spectrum of clients representing community organizations, small businesses, professional groups and more.”

Check out her websiteblogfacebooktwitterpinterest.

Stephanie – Stephanie Egan Photography

Stephanie is a dear friend and one talented photographer.  You might remember these photographs she took for me a few weeks ago.  Amazing right?

Wedding & Lifestyle photography – modern, fresh & stylish!  “When it comes to shooting I’m looking for what’s REAL, and not for what’s perfect… I find inspiration from each of my clients — the way you love, interact and enjoy each other.. and believe those little moments ‘in between’ are where it’s AT.”

Check out her websiteblogfacebooktwitterpinterest.

Be on the lookout next month for the big reveal, it’s exciting stuff!

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