Twitter Cheat Sheet

New to Twitter?  These Twitter Tips will help you jump into tweeting!

Twitter Terms:

  • DM– direct message
  • RT / ReTweet – repeating a tweet from someone else
  • Tweeps / Tweeple – people on Twitter
  • Tweet(ing) – the act of posting to Twitter
  • Tweetup – an in-person meet up of Twitter members
  • Twitterverse – the cyberspace area of Twitter

Twitter Commands

  • @username + message – directs a twitter at another person, and causes your twitter to save in their “replies” tab Eg:@socialguide I love that song too!
  • D username + message – sends a person a private message that goes to their device, and saves in their web archive Eg: d krissy are you working tomorrow?
  • FAV username – marks a person’s last twitter as a favorite and causes the message to show up in your “Favorites” tab
  • SET LOCATION placename – updates the location field in your profile Eg: set location san Francisco
  • WHOIS username – retrieves the profile information for any public user on Twitter Eg: whois jack
  • GET username – retrieves the latest Twitter update posted by the person Eg: get goldman
  • NUDGE username – reminds a friend to update by asking what they’re doing on your behalf Eg: nudge biz
  • FAV username – marks a person’s last twitter as a favorite. (hint: reply to any update with FAV to mark it as a favorite if you’re receiving it in real time) Eg: faval3x
  • STATS – this command returns your number of followers, how many people you’re following, and your bio information
  • INVITE phone number – will send an SMS invite to a friend’s mobile phone Eg: Invite 415 555 1212

Twitter Word Search

  • social media – will find tweets containing both social” and “media
  • “social media” – will find tweets containing the exact phrase social media
  • social OR media – will find tweets containing “social” OR “media” (or both)
  • social -media – will find tweets containing “social” but NOT media
  • #socialmedia – will find tweets containing the hashtag #socialmedia

Twitter People Search

  • from:matthewtommasi – will find tweets from the person matthewtommasi
  • to:scobleizer – will find tweets to the person scobleizer
  • to:guykawasaki OR to:mashable – will find tweets to the person guykawasaki“, OR to the person mashable
  • @socialguide – will find tweets referencing the person @socialguide

Twitter Places Search

  • “windows 7″ near:sydney – will find tweets containing the exact phrase windows 7“, that are sent near sydney
  • facebook near:london within:10mi – will find tweets containing facebook“, that are sent within 10 miles” of “london

Twitter Date Search

  • “google wave” since:2009-10-23 – will find tweets containing the exact phrase google wave“, that have been sent since the date 2009-10-23” (year-month-day)
  • “windows vista” until:2009-11-02 – will find tweets containing the exact phrase windows vista“, that have been sent up until the date 2009-10-19” (year-month-day)

Learn anything new?  I sure did!

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