Awesome Gifts For Graphic Designers

Some great gift ideas for that creative person in your life.  I’ll take one of each please!

Throw Pillows – Application Icon Pillows and Social Media Icon Pillows from The Awesomer. Take a nap on one of these and dream up some great design ideas!

Mugs – Graphic Designer Mug from and Pantone Mugs from UncommonGoods. Project is due and you have to pull an all-nighter.  Put on the coffee and get to work!

Magnets – Photoshop Magnet Set from ThinkGeek and Phone App Magnets from Perpetual Kid.  These are just plain cool.

Stencils – Website Stencil Kit from UI Stencils. What a clever idea to help with website mock-ups!

Bags – Typo Bag from Iheartanalogue on Etsy and Somedays I Feel Like HELvetica tote bag from AFavoriteDesign on Etsy.  Clever bags to carry all of your design stuff around.

Want to see more awesome gift ideas?  Follow The Creative Stack’s “Wish List” board on Pinterest HERE.

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  3. […] 1. Awesome Gifts For Graphic Designers […]

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