Gustav Klimt

I bought a poster of this painting for my room (I think at Target) when I was in high school, not knowing who this artist “Gustav Klimt” was or where the art came from.  I loved all of the colors and shapes, and thought it was so romantic.  A year later I started taking art history classes in college and quickly learned all about this famous painter.  The poster actually had the sides cut off, so I was shocked to learn that the original was actually a square format.

I quickly became a fan of his work.  I really enjoy the abstract parts of his paintings with all of the whimsical shapes. I even took a painting class in college where we had to copy a part of a famous painting.  Not one of my best works, but you get the idea:

A couple of years ago I finally got to see one of his paintings up close and personal at the MOMA in NYC.  You can see how excited I was…

To learn more about Gustav Klimt, check out THIS WEBSITE for a multimedia presentation dedicated to Austrian painter, featuring an interactive timeline and a showcase of his most important work.

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